Rubber Bung Washing Machine

Product Code : 27


Salient Features :

Suitable for washing of rubber / latex stoppers for vials and bottles.

Unit consists of outers container of s.s.304 with overflow through.

Inner product holder is a s.s.304 perforated basket.

The basket is than put in the outer container, washing water flows from a centrally located s.s.pipe.

Filtered compressed air is passed through specially desighed sparses pipe which generates a highly velocity flow pattern and fluidizes the rubber stoppers.

The water in the container can be heated if required by electrical heater or a steam coil provided.

After each wash cycle quick draining possible with 1” drain valve.

All contact part are of s.s.304 Quality.

Filtered air required 3 Kg/ Cm Sq.,

Pressure : 5 CFM

5000 Bungs 3 Kw Heater

10000 Bungs 6 Kw Heater

20000 Bung 6 Kw Heater

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